Our Mission

Lil’ Tomato Concepts embraces the responsibility to delivery efficient solid state lighting (SSL) and offer you immediate energy cost savings, return on your investment (ROI), to reduce your carbon footprint and educate you to be more financially independent.

A little something about us at LTC

or why we do what we do...

Today’s economic climate dictates energy efficient lighting as essential to our current and future world. Lawmakers are on the move to push Solid State Lighting (SSL) as a requirement in farming communities, commercial applications, medical facilities and homes. Market research shows that globally there is a strong trend towards Solid State lighting. SSL has been used on the streets of Tokyo since 2007. In 2008, German auto manufacturers starting testing and implementing SSL into their headlight safety programs. In 2010, the U.S. started using SSL in street lighting, medical facilities, auto manufacturers, and commercial / residential lighting designs. You might even notice SSL at your corner grocery store. Solid State Lighting has become a part of our every day life and will only become more common and useful in the future. Lil’ Tomato Concepts is using Solid State Lighting and working with Luxeon to put dollars back in your pocket.


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